The Alchemy of Touch


MELT provides quality massage and bodywork, specializing in therapeutic touch to get you back to golden. 

We are excited to serve you for the health & longevity of your work and play.

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About us


 Many Elements of Lasting Transformation 

As solid as we appear, we are and always will be, beings of change. The positive change comes when we open up and allow ourselves to 'unstick' from whatever no longer serves us- including compensatory postural habits. 

MELT is the Alchemy of Touch.

The mission is simple; transforming you back into the malleable gold that you are. When communication between muscle groups are happy, we're happy too. 

Who is behind MELT?

Renee Theuriet began her studies in 2010 at the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy. Introduced to Swedish, Shiatsu, Neuromuscular, Craniosacral, Thai Yoga Massage and more, she graduated with over 640 hours of education and training. 

Intrigued by Lomi, she moved to Maui and apprenticed for Jeana Nalawai taking over 200 hours of training. Bones are the sacred foundation in Hawaiian culture.

"This work sparked a deep love for postural alignment. It also brought into awareness the sacred connection of the earth. The bones and muscles are like the earth of the body."

She believes continuing education is part of the practice.

"I like to keep things fresh to facilitate positive change for me, my clients and my knowledge base."

-Renee Theuriet

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Our massages

Customized massage therapy

Our MELT Me and MELT Me More appointments are customized especially for you, with a base of Lomi, hint of Deep Tissue release and tuning into the body's Subtle Energies.

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Deep tissue

Deep tissue addresses the many layers of muscle, connective tissue and ligament and tendon attachments. Contrary to belief it does not have to be teeth-grittingly painful. All techniques are applied with a sense of ease. Surface areas such as fascia, superficial muscles are addressed and pin-and- stretch techniques are applied to then access deeper realms of connection.

Hapai (Prenatal Massage)

 Earth Mama and Malama appointments are in cozy side-line position. Hard to reach areas such as the IT band, low back/hips, legs and shoulders can be easily cared for. In a supported back lying position, space is created in the chest area and a wave of relaxation is achieved. Postnatal treatments available to aid the body in it's shift after childbirth. 

Craniosacral therapy

The relationship between the cranium and sacrum is a sacred one. Between these two mainsprings of our body is a highway of fluid called CSF, cerebral spinal fluid. This fluid moves up and down the spine in a delicate rhythm
of flexion and extension. Craniosacral therapy involves a series of gentle holding patterns with an energetic "listening" allowing the body to use its own innate wisdom to correct itself and move into balance. 
Facilitated holding as limbs or neck gently unwind with support.
Extremely relaxing to the nervous system and healing to the Central Nervous System.

Myo-fascial release

MFR addresses connective tissue wrapping around muscles and soft tissue like plastic wrap. It stores water and memory. It can hold emotional trauma and movement patterning.
Using gentle gliding techniques without oil, you may notice a sense of expansion and limitless quality. 
 Fascial release is the container and a main key of releasing the muscular system. 

TMJ treatment

TMJ treatment focuses on specific muscles in (yes in) and around the jaw, head, and neck. It may be paired with whiplash treatment for the neck or headache support. 

The temporomandibular joint moves the mandible. In dysfunction (TMJD) it may be stiff with poor range of motion or clicking and popping of the joint. Gloves are worn by your practitioner to access the inner attachments of the small but mighty jaw.

What to expect?


Awareness of breath. Like circulation, breath moves and flows; creating space in the body. Breathing into an area allows it to be malleable once again. Benefits of breath awareness carries into creating a greater relaxation response, keeping mind & body calm.

Exercises/Body Awareness

*Your very own toolbox of empowerment to Feel Golden Again!*

MELT provides you with movement, stretching, exercises and postural cues that your body will thank you for!  Big change comes from awareness of how we use our bodies in everyday life, and applying micro-adjustments to move toward balance.


Change and growth means things are shifting. Like any shift, time is needed to adjust. In finding it's way back to balance, temporarily pain may manifest in other areas. During this process (24-48hrs post session), rest and relaxation is ideal. Congratulate yourself on any and all changes!


 24-48 hours after your deep tissue treatment soreness is possible. Make sure you are hydrating, and not over-exerting your energy. 72 hours post treatment you may notice positive changes. Check in with your practitioner at any point should new concerns and questions arise.



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